European Championships in fencing for Cadets and Juniors

With respect to EFC member federations who gave us the opportunity to organise the event, I am honoured to welcome all fencers and their supporters at the European Cadet and Junior Championship 2015 in Maribor.

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Both – fencers and fans have an important role and they all together are able to present us with an unforgettable performance. I would like to invite you all to come to Slovenia, to our beautiful city of Maribor and enjoy this event with us.

This will be the first european EFC fencing event organized in Slovenia and we will do our best to assure the attractive and secure fencing setting and a pleasant stay in our accommodation facilities.

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It is my great honour to welcome you at the 9th Cadet European Championships and 23rd Junior European Championships. Welcome to Maribor.

Welcome to Maribor, Slovenia

This beautiful and historic city of immense importance hosts our Championships for the first time in its long history. I believe that we all will enjoy nice fencing, fair play combats and that Maribor will become the place of birth of new European fencing stars.

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On behalf of the European Fencing Confederation and on behalf of all participants, I would like to thank the Slovenian Fencing Federation, the Organizing Committee and all volunteers for their efforts in organizing the Championships.

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And last but not least I want to thank the representatives of the city of Maribor, all Championships’ sponsors and partners for enabling Maribor to become the capital city of European fencing for several days.

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